A spare room to tow behind a boat or leave at a mooring or garden

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Pod #4 4x8x4/1-4
Pod #2 2x4x2/1

Preview of 1 unit long new design for Pod#5+ 2-8x2-8x3-4/2-5
Build ParametersExternal sizes Properties
Model Notes & Example W L H D Metal Insulation Width Length Height Maximum Water Draught Freeboard Minimum Air Draught Maximum Gross (laden) Weight/kg Volume /ft³ Estimated Net Weight (kg) Basic guide price 2014/15/16 C&RT year licence prompt payment inc VAT
2x4x2/1 a Pod#2 2'4'2'1'1mm 2" 3'8"5'8"3'8" 6" 140mm 100mm 3' 0.9m 186 39.6 78 P.O.A £45.07, free as tender
4x8x4/1-4 b Pod#4 4'8'4'1'4"2mm4" 6'7"10'7"6'7" 8" 225mm 100mm 6'2" 1.87m 1102 220 252 P.O.A. £452.33
1 unit long
b Preview2'8"2'8"3'4"
2'8"2mm3" 6'9.25"6'9.3"6'9" 1'8" 0.5m 300mm 5' 1.55m 1000 124 164 £2500 £452.33, free as tender
2 unit long
b 2'8"5'4"3'4"
2'8"2mm3" 6'9.25"9'5.3"6'9" 1'8" 0.5m 300mm 5' 1.55m 1600 209 220 £3000 £452.33, free as tender
3 unit long
b 2'8"8'3'4"
2'8"2mm3" 6'9.25"12'1.3"6'9" 1'8" 0.5m 300mm 5' 1.55m 2180 294 279 £3500 £452.33
4 unit long
b 2'8"10'8"3'4"
2'8"2mm3" 6'9.25"14'9.3"6'9" 1'8" 0.5m 300mm 5' 1.55m 2750 378 336 £4000 £452.33
  • a - smaller pods count as portable for licencing if "normal crew can move it to and from the water without mechanical assistance" such as a canoe or dinghy
  • b - width ideal for canal use
  • General notes
    Delivery not included in price. Figures are based on calculations and may vary in manufaturing. Minimum Air draught of new design designed to fit Dudley tunnel profile. Doorway 2' wide, height given by H.
    Maximum Gross weight allows 100mm freeboard (300mm in new design) before overtopping to protect against waves/wash.
    Estimated weight does not include ballast but this will be included as required for stability until laden. Other sizes may be available so please ask if a particular size is required.
    For the C&RT licence, lengths of Pods may be combined if they are always fixed together - a tender can be up to 10' long, always used in sight of the main boat and marked "Tender to ### nnnn" where ### nnnn indicate the licence number and name of the main boat. £452.33 covers up to 18' in length, an unpowered butty price gives a better discount but is only available if over 50' in length. Check with C&RT for further details on licencing
  • A deeper hull & higher top allow greater weight carrying capacity and increased headroom whilst maintaining the standard canal width and door height compared to pictured Pod Boats #2 & #4.

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