A spare room to tow behind a boat or leave at a mooring or garden

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2017 hope to have Pod Boats available for sale at events St Richards, bcbf
2016 developed CAD for new design for Pod Boats #5 onwards, including ideas how to avoid wedging in narrows and ease opening of doors Attended bcbf
2015 Started CAD for new design for Pod Boats #5 onwards, to improve seals, make easier to assemble and improve features. Attended bcbf
September 2014 Took Pod Boats #4 to Black Country Boating Festival and Tipton Festival,
with comments such as "What do you have in there?" - "A bicycle AND trailer AND workshop" would be the reply
bcbf Tipton
2014 Built Pod Boats #4 but 11' a little too long to register as a 10' tender
2014 Built Pod Boats #3 aka bicycle trailer top, attached to original wheels and chassis
September 2013 Took Pod Boats #2 to Black Country Boating Festival. With comments such as "It looks like a dog kennel" bcbf
Summer 2013 Built Pod Boats #2, great as an open boat or covered for small item storage (used for storing firewood)
Summer 2013 Built Pod Boats #1, a coracle, to test some ideas, a bit small for adult use
10 Jul 2013 Registered as a limited company in England and Wales number 8603484 Companies House, 3rd party incorporation services
Jan-Jul 2013 Attended courses at University (Birmingham & Aston) on starting your own business Talent pool, Low carbon incubator, B:seen
25 Apr 2013 Registered design IPO,
from 5 Jan 2010 The idea behind these pods grew out of the Haiti earthquake situation where people died and were made homeless because cheap construction methods were used to make simple boxes with no diagonal reinforcement. Haiti on TV
c2000 Saw a TV program about bucky balls and their strength. Thought the (enlarged) sturcture could be good for living in. Science on TV

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