A spare room to tow behind a (narrow)boat or leave at a mooring or garden

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To assist in customisation options, your Pod Boat can be designed here (a developing page). Then make the request to proceed. The design will be checked over and the relevant item(s) placed in the shop for you to purchase. Otherwise please email or post to the address below, or speak in person.
If there are any other options or sizes wanted, please ask for availability.

When contacting please consider providing:
  • Your name and contact details
  • the model (eg length and top type)
  • The name of your boat that will tow the Pod Boat or for identifying delivery location. (A label for <10ft Tender requires inscription "Tender to " with name and number of boat)
  • also any additions such as:
  • windows
  • internal partitions
  • electrical installation required

  • Payments can be made by:

    Please state preferred payment method(s) at time of placing order.
    A deposit will be required before any customisation can be started.
    Deposit: Once an order has been accepted an order number and works date will be assigned and given to you, receipts for electronic payments will be given using electonic means. Cheques etc must be given time to clear.

    Cheques should be handed to Peter Fisher (normally found on or near "The Solar Kingfisher") in person or posted to the registered office address below:
    The manufacturing site and registered office is at The Solar Kingfisher, on the Worcestor & Birmingham Canal, as per postal address

    The postal address is as follows:

    Pod Boats Limited
    The Solar Kingfisher
    Canalside behind 31 Pritchatts Road
    B15 2TT

    Plesae Note: we have now moved out of our previous office at Faraday Wharf, Birmingham Science Park Aston, B7 4BB due to unsustainable rental charges

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