A spare room to tow behind a (narrow)boat or leave at a mooring or garden

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  • Enlarged Space for:
    • Spare (Bed) Room
    • Office
    • Workshop
    • Shed for:
      • Bicycle
      • stock
      • boxes
      • tools
      • firewood
      • fuel
      • generator
    • Dog or other pet (dependant on the nature of the pet!)
    • etc.
Pod Boat 2.1 #5
  • Multiple Pods can be joined together
    • Later or at time of order
    • Increases stability further
    • Allows different Pods to be used for different purposes
    • Joined Pods make one boat requiring only one licence
  • Low price compared to a new steel narrowboat
  • Doors can be in end or on side for easier access
  • Convenient extension compared to changing your main boat or a traditional stretch
  • Light weight, low maintenance, environmentally efficient
  • Aluminium shell doesn't corrode like steel, so any painting or covering only for cosmetic purposes
Inside Pod Boat 2.1 #5
On any boat or where water abounds, dry space is a very valuable asset. Sometimes you just need that extra space to sort yourself out. Even for those not on a boat, a spare room in the garden could make all the difference. Or you might want to prepare for when you unfortunately find yourself in need of dry space when the weather outside finds its way into the house.
The idea behind these pods grew out of the Haiti earthquake situation where people died and were made homeless because cheap construction methods were used to make simple boxes with no diagonal reinforcement. These pods are designed to be cheap but by using a diagonal triangle in the shape, a strong box is formed, that is also larger than could be made from just joining square pieces at 90.
A number of designs have been registered at the Intellectual Property Office July 2013 using this principle based on the mathematical small Rhombicuboctahedron ("Rhombi Cube Octahedron"). This shape is formed in a weather resistant aluminium outer shell lined with good quality thermal insulation. The insulation also doubles as insurance to keep moisture out as well as prevent condensation forming on the inside. Internally a simple wooden lining protects the insulation from impacts that might reduce its thickness and thermal value while allowing a versatile interface that allows a multitude of adaptations and permits internal variations required to meet customers' needs.
In terms of utility services, optionally an electrical feed can be installed that can both provide utility sockets inside as well as supply underfloor heating (with thermal mass ballast) to either just keep the frost off in deep winter or provide a comfortable work environment for anyone spending time in the Pod. Other utilities may be available on request. It should be noted that the addition of utilities (comprising an energy source such as a battery or mains inlet) requires the additional cost of a boat safety certificate (required every 4 years, available from a surveyor for about 130), whereas the basic unit is exempt.
While aluminium provides a weatherproof exterior that does not rust away like steel, it is understood that a shiny metal surface, or one that might dull with a protecting oxidation surface might not be seen to be to all tastes. Aluminium can be painted, coated or covered to achieve whatever appearance is desired, either at the time of order (ask particularly if a coloured durable anodised coating is desired) or after delivery (using paint or similar supplies from the local DIY store).
Exterior panelling can also be applied, fixed to built in battens at surface edges that can hide the true structure under a uPVC or wooden facade but please ask for this option as battens are extra on the new design in order to provide a more hydrodynamic shape.
These Pod Boat units are modular both in construction and in nature. The modular construction allows quick manufacturing in a variety of shapes and sizes to be constructed easily, chosen particularly for the 7' narrow canals in the UK. The 'Podular' nature of the units allows multiple pods to be fitted end to end, side to side or top to bottom, even permitting diagonal joining to make the most of the space available.
Going up
For floating stability it is not recommended to go up without first going horizontally by at least an equal or double the amount, and only where the design will support the weight both structurally and with sufficient buoyancy for the expected contents of all levels, where the gross weight of the bottom Pod boats must cover the additional weight of Pods above as well. Ask about this feature before placing any orders if you may wish to expand vertically later!

Modifications and options include:
  • Windows (double glazed) and doors can be added where needed.
  • The new design with inside doors/open front end gives greater accessibility to one Pod Boat from the bank/towpath. Access to other connected Pod Boat units can then be from through access, while the collection of Pod Boat units, being secured together, operates under a single C&RT licence. An open sided single Pod Boat unit with propulsion (e.g. oars, electric outboard) could make a great day/river boat.
  • A PV roof to allow self-contained energy requirements for whatever (light power) use is required. This makes Pod Boats independent of powered boats/structures in providing independent lighting and utility, even propulsion (given sufficient sunshine, battery capacity and rest/work ratio). Solar cells that are stuck directly onto the diagonal structural components of each Pod Boat is being expolored

  • Based in the heart of the UK canal network, this floating Birmingham based company hopes to be able to be of service to your podular floating space needs. Please email info@podboats.co.uk for more information.

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